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How to Custom-Fit Pants

Taking in or letting out a pair of pants can make all the difference in the fit, and you don’t need a tailor to do the job. Use this technique on men’s pants and some women’s pants.

Tools: seam ripper, scissors, fabric marker or pencil, straight pins, needle, sewing machine.

Materials: pants, thread.

Time: 1/2 […]

How to Alter Clothes

Off-the-rack clothes seldom fit perfectly, but with a little practice, you can usually eliminate the alterations fee. We’ll begin with the materials you’ll need to get started on your alterations.

Tools: scissors, tape measure, steam iron and ironing board, sleeve board, pressing cloth, sponge, mirror, straight pins, yardstick or skirt marker, sewing needles, sewing machine, […]

Restoring old blocks and quilts

I’m sure all of you have a favourite or hand me down quilt with a few marks on it. Perhaps there are pen marks, dirt or even worse. Here are a few helpful tips to get your cherished treasure looking as good as new – or as close to new as possible.

To restore old […]

Sewing forums: Do people use them? has been around for a little while – since 1995 to be exact. We’ve gone through various incarnations of development and services offered. One of the features we’ve always tried to promote is the “sewing forum“. Strangely enough, people simply don’t seem to want to use it.

The questions is simple – why not? […]

Sewing books and resources available:

Are you looking around all over the place trying to find a specific book or sewing resource? has developed a sewing book and resource website in conjunction with to provide you access to the latest sewing trend books and more. We can offer you more than just books – sewing magazines and instructional […]