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Top Tips for being Prepared for SewingTop Tips for being Prepared for Sewing

1. Be prepared

Gather and purchase all of the supplies necessary to complete your sewing or craft project ahead of time. Having to stop in the middle of the project in order to run out and get a forgotten essential item is time consuming and irritating.

2. Check the threading of your sewing machine

Double […]

Christmas sewing gift idea

Why not make a Christmas sewing kit for someone who loves to sew? Try the following idea:

* 2 pair of scissors- an inexpensive pair of paper scissors and a good quality pair of fabric shears. By including both pair of scissors, you are insuring that the fabric scissors will last a long time. * […]

Basic Sewing Stitches

Four basic stitches can get you through almost any type of hand-sewing repair. If you haven’t sewn before, you may want to practice a bit to develop the ability to stitch evenly in a straight line.

* Backstitch: Viewed from the top, backstitching appears as a continuous line of even stitches; viewed underneath, the stitches […]

How to Alter Clothes

Off-the-rack clothes seldom fit perfectly, but with a little practice, you can usually eliminate the alterations fee. We’ll begin with the materials you’ll need to get started on your alterations.

Tools: scissors, tape measure, steam iron and ironing board, sleeve board, pressing cloth, sponge, mirror, straight pins, yardstick or skirt marker, sewing needles, sewing machine, […]

Assorted hemming techniques

Before you start a hemming project, here are a few tips to consider:

* Before hemming a skirt, dress, or pants, let the garment hang for a day on a hanger to allow the fabric to settle. * You can often steam out small puckers at the top edge of a hem. Don’t redo a […]