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Top Tips on How to Design Your Own Sewing Room

Planning to create your own room but not sure where to start when designing your own sewing room?

While many a seamstress has dreamed of designing their own sewing room, few really get the opportunity to create their own crafty space where they can work uninterrupted. For many of us, having a sewing room is […]

5 Tips on How to Design Your Own Wedding Dress

If you think the local boutiques and malls do not have wedding dresses of your choice, then here are some ways you can design your own wedding dress and find patterns that flatter your personality in the best way possible. Every bride wants to look her best when it comes to the day of the […]

How to Cut Out Plaid Fabric Patterns

Making a plaid garment with matching seams is easier than it might seem. It takes a little more time and a little more fabric than usual, but it is not difficult. The key is in the pattern notches.

1: Choose one end of your length of fabric to be the top.

2: Orient all your […]

How to make a T-Shirt Dress

In tune with the latest fashion and trends, school-age girls can be fastidious and finicky when it comes to clothes selection, especially on the first few days of the new school year. To keep costs down and to satisfy these chic-conscious youngsters, Carol’s adorable yet stylish T-shirt dress can be made by simply attaching a […]

Tips on how to sew and care for satinTips on how to sew and care for satin

Once you are ready to begin cutting your satin, you will want to use your sharpest set of shears. It is suggested that you take your scissors in to be sharpened before cutting your satin out, otherwise you run the danger of snagging the fabric or causing threads to pull, thus marring the surface.

When […]