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Tips on keeping your embroidery clean

Clean hands

The most important factor is always to have clean hands. If the embroidery does not get dirty then you will not have to wash it. Washing embroideries can take the luster out of the stitches.

Tissue paper

When framing up the fabric in the beginning, also frame a piece of white acid free […]

How to transfer an embroidery design onto fabric

Prick and Pounce Method

The prick and pounce method of transferring embroidery designs is used for Applique, Brazilian, Free Embroidery, Goldwork, Needle Painting, Modern Jacobean, Traditional Jacobean and White Work. A desired design to be worked is placed beneath a piece of Velum tracing paper and all the lines of the design are traced onto […]

Embroidery Do’s and Don’ts – Good Work Habits

Avoid common machine embroidery pitfalls. D E B O R A H J O N E S

Avoid mistakes by developing and practicing some simple work habits at the machine.

* When placing the hoop into the machine, run your fingers over the hooped fabric surface, feeling for any lumps or bumps. This simple precaution […]

Embroidery Do’s and Don’ts – The Unkindest Cut

Avoid common machine embroidery pitfalls. D E B O R A H J O N E S

Probably the worst–and most avoidable–embroidery casualty is damage during the finishing process. This can occur when trimming excess threads from the work surface or, more commonly, when removing cut-away stabilizer from the back of the stitched item. Cut […]

Embroidery Do’s and Don’ts – Bobbin Thread

Avoid common machine embroidery pitfalls. D E B O R A H J O N E S

Does your embroidery ever look like it’s been sprinkled with salt because the bobbin thread has pulled to the right side? This spoils the appearance of any embroidery and affects the stitch quality.

If bobbin threads routinely show […]