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12 Free Back to School Sewing Projects and Patterns

Yes, it is that time to start thinking about the kids returning to school and free back to school sewing projects and patterns. We all know that the back to school time, with all it’s hustle and bustle, is always a busy time of year. Both teachers and students are getting ready for an anticipating a new year of fun, challenges and learning. The cool thing is that you don’t have to be in the classroom to help your child enjoy a successful year. These 12 free back to school projects and patterns can help out in the classroom simply by using the extra fabric you may have in your stash at home.

Please feel free to enjoy and share these free back to school sewing projects:

Sew a Durable Fabric Binder Cover
Suggested Sewing Skill Level: Intermediate
Vinyl binders are the most economical but they never survive being stuffed in a locker and back pack. Sew a cover and help the most inexpensive binder last! Learn more >>

Notebook Pencil & Pen Holder with Two Compartments
Suggested Sewing Skill Level: Intermediate
Pencil & Pen holders fall apart long before the binder. Make your own fabric version with duel compartments. Learn more >>

Durable Stretchy Book Covers
Suggested Sewing Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced
Book covers are required on most school books. Learn more >>

Insulated Lunch Bag
Suggested Sewing Skill Level: Beginner
Lunch boxes seem to become “uncool” at an earlier grade level every year! Learn more >>

Book Transport Sack
Suggested Sewing Skill Level: Beginner
Many elementary teachers send home a new little book every night to encourage reading. This free project is designed to encourage reading in your community. Learn more >>

Sew an Eye Glass Case
Suggested Sewing Skill Level: Intermediate
Eyeglasses are a necessity to many students. Keeping them safe is a challenge. Learn more >>

Sew a Fabric Travel Tissue Covers
Suggested Sewing Skill Level: Beginner
Travel tissues in every child’s pocket allows them to have a tissue handy without disrupting the entire class. Learn more >>

Free Directions to Sew a Book Cover with a Zipper and Handles
Suggested Sewing Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced
Special books deserve special handling. Learn more >>

Free Directions to Sew a Simple Tote Bag
Suggested Sewing Skill Level: Beginner
A tote bag is a great way to save on recycling shopping bags… and have bags that won’t break at the worst possible moment. Learn more >>

Sew a Simple Drawstring Backpack
Suggested Sewing Skill Level: Beginner
This light-weight backpack is perfect for day trip toting and gym clothes. Make a couple to keep in your luggage. Learn more >>

Sew a Useful Duffel Bag
Suggested Sewing Skill Level: Intermediate
This bag may be the perfect solution for gym clothes and after school activities. Learn more >>

Cell Phone Case
Suggested Sewing Skill Level: Intermediate
This cell hone case encloses the phone and can be securely attached to a garment, pocketbook or belt. Learn more >>

We hope you enjoy these free back to school sewing projects and patterns. Feel free to share the link to others and you could even suggest some of your own free back to school sewing projects and patterns below! These patterns are courtesy of

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