Patchwork & Quilting Business Compendium – make money from home with your quilting and patchwork expertise!

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Are you looking to start a home based quilting and patchwork business? Do you want to make money simply by quilting and using your expertise and knowledge to build your own business?

Profit from the fastest growing craft industry in the world! There are over 21 million women, in America alone, spending vast amounts of money on patchwork and quilting! Passion to profit? Yes, you CAN make phenomenal amounts of money from your love of patchwork and quilting! This business compendium is simply the biggest and best business guide to making money from your patchwork and quilting skills and knowledge

Introducing the new “Patchwork and Quilting Business Compendium – make money from home with our quilting and patchwork expertise”  – an ebook that every woman who thinks of turning her passion into profit absolutely MUST have …

Here is what is making this fantastic Quilting Business eBook so popular:

  • you can make money from your crafting skills, whatever your personal circumstance
  • this ebook is no ordinary ‘how to make money from quilting’ ebook
  • this ebook is a massive compendium, full of novel and exciting ways to make money with patchwork and quilting products and services, with something to suit everybody
  • how easy it is to convert the time you spend on your craft into money-making time
  • the 7 actions you can take, right now, this moment, TODAY, without spending any money, to start your own new patchwork and quilting business
  • you can make money starting with just a few craft items, and very little cash outlay
  • how you can start a much bigger venture, such as ‘shop hop’ bus tours, with very little experience, and even less start-up cash!
  • the possibility of earning thousands of dollars from just one quilt
  • how to easily make money part-time, even if you have a full-time job, or have other commitments such a looking after a baby or small children
  • a guaranteed way of getting started for every possibly type of patchwork and quilting niche
  • the many MANY other ways of making money from patchwork and quilting than the three commonly promoted methods (selling quilts, providing long-arm quilting services, and owing a quilt shop)
  • how to match your particular knowledge and skills to the business that will suit you best with the Compendium’s unique “skills to business” comparison list
  • a fool-proof formula for making patchwork clothes that really sell
  • ways of finding incredibly cheap sources of materials (and some that are totally free!)
  • the absolutely latest ways to make money from patchwork crafts
  • ideas for making money from patchwork and quilting that you will not find in any other patchwork and quilting business book
  • how to solve the big problems you will encounter in your new business
  • detailed instructions on how to get started (if you buy this ebook today, you could be on your way to starting a new small business within minutes of starting to read!)
  • Patchwork an Quiltinga comprehensive range of ideas for generating income from your quilting craft, from micro-businesses, such as making cute baby toys, to owning your own quilt shop
  • sensational products you can make from patchwork fabric scraps that cost you nothing
  • vital marketing information which will increase your sales, as soon as you start selling


Using the Patchwork and Quilting Business Compendium, you can learn to:

  • brainstorm ideas for a wide range of products and services to see what is possible with patchwork and quilting crafts
  • find ways of making money from patchwork products that you didn’t even know existed
  • thoroughly research a range of market niches and decide what will be the most profitable
  • match your own skill set with the perfect sort of business for you to run
  • decide whether to work from home, or have your own business premises
  • work out what sort of help you need from other professionals, such as attorneys and accountants
  • set up the right sort of business structure for your own personal financial circumstances and feel safe that your business and personal assets are separate and protected
  • write simple but powerful business plans and financial plans
  • get just the right sort of insurance for your business needs and not get ripped off
  • have a thorough checklist of all the business mistake that newbies make, so that you can avoid them
  • find sources of cheap or free fabrics for your productsFat Quarters in Basket
  • avoid the dangers of over-committing to customer commissions
  • find clients for your products and services who won’t cause you more trouble than they are worth to your new business
  • feel calm and confident when handling customer complaints
  • target a specific market and have customers queuing up for more of your products
  • discover marketing secrets that will help you get customers quickly and easily on a very low budget
  • commission a website and get the most out of having one, without paying way too much
  • make at least $100 per hour with specialist quilting services
  • bring in thousands of dollars per day with other businesses directly related to patchwork and quilting
  • exploit the three major niches for patchwork clothing which sell the best
  • sell your products on eBay and ETSY so that you get the most money for them
  • charge much higher prices than you could ever have though possible for your products
  • brand your products and services with your own unique style that becomes instantly recognised
  • choose the right long-arm quilting machine and get started on providing long-arm quilting services
  • create your own special niche with dazzling recycled patchwork furniture
  • introduce your own new fabric range or import specialty fabric from an exotic country
  • develop course materials and market your own special quilting classes
  • become a mentor or tutor to individuals wanting to learn more about patchwork and quilting
  • make easy money from quilting books and publishing
  • learn the essential details of how to run shopping tours and craft retreats

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