5 Tips on How to Design Your Own Wedding Dress

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If you think the local boutiques and malls do not have wedding dresses of your choice, then here are some ways you can design your own wedding dress and find patterns that flatter your personality in the best way possible. Every bride wants to look her best when it comes to the day of the wedding. This is the time when she would embark upon a new life. Naturally every bride wants to look unique and wants the entire affair to be planned well and function smoothly. It requires months of extensive planning and preparation right from choosing the wedding dress to the wedding arrangements.

When it comes to the wedding dress, most brides are spoiled for choice with the wide number of boutiques and brands that are churning out the best designs available. Your wedding dress need not be big with long trains of cloth behind them. You need to think carefully before you make this important purchase, as wedding gowns are the heaviest and luxurious of all the outfits you would probably own and this is one gown that you will cherish forever. There are times when you may not be satisfied with the designs available. Most brides end up searching malls and websites online in pursuit of the most elaborate and beautiful wedding gowns. However, you can even design your own wedding dress that would enable you to wear the pattern you have in mind. Custom wedding dresses allow you to have that freedom and get innovative. Wedding dresses bought from the stores do not always give the best fit. Sometimes, they can be too short to some or very long to others. It could also be having the best design but definitely not the best fabric. Selecting a wedding dress would therefore mean the dress has to match all the ideas in your mind. In such cases, it is always better to opt for custom wedding dresses. You can design your own wedding dress at home and that does not mean you are required to sew the entire pattern! This would simply mean you have to design the pattern and speak to any fashion designer or a local seamstress who could probably help you design your own wedding dress.

5 Tips  to consider when designing  your own wedding dress:

Understand your body type:
You must know that the wedding dresses that look good in the fashion magazines may not always be the right pattern for your body type. Wedding dresses can be romantic or sexy, in brilliant shades or in subdued patterns. Finding the right pattern for the wedding dress can completely flatter your looks and enhance your body. There are various patterns you need to consider before you design your own wedding dress. Here are a few listed below:

The basic A-line wedding dress-This is narrow on the top and flares widely towards the bottom. This pattern can form the base of the wedding dress and can be enhanced and ornamented with further planning. The A line pattern suits most figures.

Figure hugging silhouettes- this pattern suits women who have well-toned bodies. The skirt can flare out at the mid or lower calf with a fitting bodice. Please note that this skirt would restrict the freedom of movement at times.

Ball gown-This is fitted with a bodice and comes with a very full skirt. This pattern can hide many flaws of the body.

Keep a collection of the styles you have seen and liked:
Go through the latest fashion magazines that can give you some ideas about the latest in designs for wedding dresses. Keep the cutouts of such outfits. Browse online for websites that showcase some of their patterns. You can keep printouts of these as well. Go to any local reputed store that have the options of an in-house seamstress, with whom you can converse about the kind of design you want and get a feedback about the pictures you have and your own ideas as well. The seamstress would help you get an honest opinion about the kind of design which would suit you and flatter your body and complexion.

Get the latest sewing machine:
If you do not wish to have the services of a seamstress and prefer to do it yourself, then ensure you have the right kind of sewing machine. There are various computerized sewing machines available that are designed to make stitching an easy affair for you.

Choose the right fabric:
Ensure you pick the right fabrics for your wedding dress. When you design your own wedding dress, the fabric plays an important part, as the cut of the dress has to match the fall of the fabric. If you wish to have a long flowing dress, you cannot choose fabrics that are stiff in their appearance. Try to go in for wrinkle free fabrics. This would save you a lot of hassles on your wedding day.

Embellish it your own way:
Think about the embellishments you could have on your wedding dress. The best part about custom wedding dresses is that you can plan out all the minute details as per your whims and fancies. You can use beads, crystals, embroidery, sequins and lace to decorate your wedding dress. The options are many and this would help you get a personal touch to your outfit.

The best thing about custom wedding dresses is that they can help you save a lot of money as well! Ensure you prepare well in advance to have a gorgeous outfit ready in time, for the wedding day!

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