How to Cut Out Plaid Fabric Patterns

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Making a plaid garment with matching seams is easier than it might seem. It takes a little more time and a little more fabric than usual, but it is not difficult. The key is in the pattern notches.

1: Choose one end of your length of fabric to be the top.

2: Orient all your pattern pieces in the same direction, with the top of the garment (shoulders or waist band) aligned with the top end of the fabric chosen in Step 1. For example, if you are cutting out a pair of shorts, the waist band edges of the pattern pieces must all be toward the designated top end of the fabric. You cannot flip a pattern piece around as you can with solid fabric.

3: Pin the first pattern piece to the fabric. Patterns have notches to help you match up the pieces when you are sewing. Pay attention to the spot on the plaid that the pattern notch falls. Note which color and width of stripe the notch touches.

4: Find that same color and width of stripe in another pattern that is repeated on the fabric and align your next pattern piece, with its corresponding notch, in that exact place. Pin.

5: Repeat with all pattern pieces.

6: Cut out pieces and sew your garment.


  • Match notches carefully when sewing, and your plaid should match when the garment is completed. If the plaid at the notches doesn’t quite match after cutting, match the plaid instead, and overlook the notches to have the best result.
  • Matching plaid will require more yardage than an overall print or solid would for the same pattern. Be sure to purchase extra. A fabric store professional can help you determine the amount of fabric needed.

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