10 Free Thanksgiving Sewing Projects

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Thanksgiving will soon be upon us. Why not have your own original Thanksgiving decorations for your home and wear the holiday by sewing these free Thanksgiving projects. Make your home festive without breaking the bank buying ready made items with these top 10 free Thanksgiving sewing projects.

1. Free Sewing Patterns for Aprons
Around the waist with pleats, with gathers, BBQ style or a retro bib style apron, all of these apron patterns are free. More info >>

2. Free Sewing Patterns for Kitchen Projects
Save money by using free sewing patterns to sew potholders, hot dish holders and more to change your kitchen. No need to spend money to spruce up your kitchen with these free patterns. More Info >>

3. Free Directions to Sew a Custom Round, Square, Oval or Rectangle Tablecloth
Not all tables are the exact same size and tablecloths can cost a fortune. Sew your own and use the money you save to make a different shaped table cloth to have layered tablecloths with contrast. More info >>

4. Cloth Napkins
Cloth napkins are a wonderful way yo have a holiday table setting be special but why not use them everyday so you aren’t adding to the landfill? These free directions will get you started. More info >>

5. Thanksgiving and Halloween Pumpkin Pillow Decoration
Real pumpkins don’t last from year to year but these do! Make them once and store them to have them ready for next year. Decorate your home with these fabric pumpkins using the free pattern that is available in two sizes. More info >>

6. Potpourri Pie – A Pie Made with Fabric and Potpourri
If you aren’t the baker in the family, you can still contribute to the festivities! Create a potpourri pie from fabric and add a wonderful fragrance to the house using these free directs to create a potpourri pie! More info >>

7. Sew Your Own Curtains And Window Treatments
Looking for a quick way to change the look of a room? Curtains and window treatments can dramatically change the look of a room. Follow any of the free directions provided on this list to achieve your changes. More info >>

8. Pillow Patterns -Free Sewing Patterns & Directions to Sew Pillows
Do you need to hide worn upholstery or just want to change the look of your living room or a guest room? Pillows are much less expensive than a new couch, chair or comforter! More info >>

9. Fabric Gift Bags For Bottles
Bringing a bottle for the festivities? Dress it up with this re-usable bottle gift bag. More info >>

10. Sewing Your Own Kitchen Small Appliance Covers
Designer appliance covers can cost a small fortune and it is difficult to find ones to match your decor. Find the perfect fabric for your kitchen and make them be just what you want! More info >>

Do you have any other suggestions for festive Thanksgiving sewing projects? Leave them in the comments below for everyone to enjoy!

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1 comment to 10 Free Thanksgiving Sewing Projects

  • I love the Christmas sewing patterns and have given my students a copy of your link as we prepare to move into the holidays!
    Thanks for publishing.

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