How to make a pattern from an original garmentHow to make a pattern from an original garment

This tutorial is for people who have a garment they’d love to reproduce as closely as possible. We’ve all had a favorite dress or blouse that fit us just right, haven’t we? We wear it for years until it is almost worn out, and then we mourn the fact that we can’t buy a replacement, […]

How to remove oil stains from clothingHow to remove oil stains from clothing

How to remove oil stains from clothing? Yikes! Whether it’s make-up remover, Italian salad dressing or motor oil, if you’ve come to the end of your rope trying to remove and oil stain from your fabric, try this method out.

Step 1: Pre-treat the article of clothing by laying it flat and covering the area […]

Ten Tips for Sewing Halloween Costumes courtesy of

1. Costumes don’t necessarily need to be as perfect as clothing or other projects you sew. Decide whether you want your costume beautifully sewn right down to the last detail, or if you’d rather achieve the overall effect quickly.

2. Inexpensive fabrics are usually fine for costumes.

3. Since many costume fabrics are either sheer […]