How to Stitch a Sewing PatternHow to Stitch a Sewing Pattern

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Keep these guidelines in mind whenever you construct a garment from a sewing pattern or take on any sewing project.

Things You’ll Need:

* Seam Roll
* Sewing Patterns
* Tailor’s Hams
* Dressmaker Pins
* Ironing Boards
* Irons
* Sewing Notions
* Plastic Bags
* Plastic Containers
* Scissors
* Highlighter Pens

Refer to instruction sheet included with pattern. These instructions will take you through garment construction step by step.

Assemble all items needed for your sewing project and keep them together until project is completed.

Make sure that all notches and edges are aligned before stitching.

Baste all major seams and make sure fit is correct before permanently stitching seams.

Stitch long seams from bottom of garment to top and along grain of fabric. Sewing against the grain may cause fabric along seam to pucker or stretch.

Use your hands to guide fabric as you stitch. Avoid forcing fabric under needle as this may cause needle to break, fabric to pucker, or stitch length to be uneven.

Keep machine speed consistent.

Remove any pins as you come to them. It is possible to stitch over pins, if necessary, but this may cause damage to your machine needle.

Begin and end stitching by sewing a few stitches with stitch length at its lowest setting. If your sewing machine has a reverse-stitch setting, begin and end stitching by doing a few reverse stitches.

Press each seam open as you complete it. Pressed seams will give your garment a more professionally finished look.

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