Assorted hemming techniques

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Before you start a hemming project, here are a few tips to consider:

* Before hemming a skirt, dress, or pants, let the garment hang for a day on a hanger to allow the fabric to settle.
* You can often steam out small puckers at the top edge of a hem. Don’t redo a slightly puckered hem until you’ve tried to press it.
* Clip-type clothespins can be more convenient than pins for holding a hem in place while you sew it.

The following hints are also a few ‘tricks of the trade’ that will help ensure sewing success:

* Fix it when you find it. The old adage that the longer you take to fix something, the worse it gets holds true in mending.
* Make it like the original. Study the garment before you repair it to see how to match the buttons, thread, and stitch patterns.
* Press as you go. Pressing prepares fabric for smooth stitching, helps keep folds flat and in place, and makes it easy to achieve professional-looking results. When you press, lift the iron up and down with a light touch, rather than sliding it back and forth.
* Follow the manufacturer’s directions. This is especially important for patches, gripper snaps, and zippers.

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