Sewing forums: Do people use them? has been around for a little while – since 1995 to be exact. We’ve gone through various incarnations of development and services offered. One of the features we’ve always tried to promote is the “sewing forum“. Strangely enough, people simply don’t seem to want to use it.

The questions is simple – why not? […]

8 tips: Buying a sewing machine

When looking at machines for purchase, it is important to sew on the machine yourself, in fact, you should insist on it. You should plan ahead, and when you go to the sewing machine store, know the kind of things you are interested in doing. Take pieces of fabric, or whatever you plan to sew […]

11 Tips on How to Use a Sewing Machine

How to use a sewing machine? Seems simple, right? Well, the purpose of this site is to guide those from beginners to the expert on all sewing related things. It can be a little confusing with so many brands of sewing machines available today. There are, however, a few basics tips and standards when it […]

Sewing books and resources available:

Are you looking around all over the place trying to find a specific book or sewing resource? has developed a sewing book and resource website in conjunction with to provide you access to the latest sewing trend books and more. We can offer you more than just books – sewing magazines and instructional […]

How to sew Roman Shades

There seems to be a lot of interest in how one can sew and create their own Roman Shades. Please follow these simple directions to make your own!

Before you start, here are a few supplies and materials you should check that you have:

fabric lining fabric tape measure scissors scallop template pencil hook and […]