Grains of Fabric

Before you pin and cut your fabric, take a good look at it to see that it’s straight and on grain. Here is some key things to know when dealing with fabric:

Selvage: the narrow woven border on the lengthwise edges of fabric.

Fabric grain: the grain refers to lengthwise and crosswise threads. Lengthwise grain […]

How to Read a Sewing Pattern – A Beginner’s Guide

It seems like something so simple, but quite often there are mistakes made by not knowing the basics of reading a sewing pattern. Hopefully this article will give you a hand on how to read a sewing pattern.

Sewing a garment is not particularly difficult – especially with a pattern. A pattern supposed to tell […]

Facts about Fleece

Fleece is a wonderful outerwear fabric. Introduced in the ’80’s by Malden Mills in the USA, it has gained popularity because it is comfortable and practical.

Fleece has come a long way since its introduction and is constantly being improved. It has the amazing ability to insulate the wearer while wicking moisture away from the […]

Sewing Machine Repair: Do It Yourself

Your sewing machine is a wonderfully useful machine when working properly, a frustrating, confusing monster when it’s not. Oddly, a vast majority of machines sent to repair shops for repairs, could be repaired at home with little or no technical knowledge.

The first thing to remember is not to panic! Don’t let your frustration get […]

How to Sew Successfully With Plaids and Stripes

Stripes and plaids! They’re always fashionable and can be made into the most professional appearing garments that can emerge from the sewing room.

Even the prettiest plaid or stripe material can be ruined by careless cutting and sewing. It is imperative, therefore, that you have an understanding of two essential words in the plaid/ stripe […]