How do you Choose a Needle for Hand Sewing?

Some sewing projects, such as mending, needlepoint and quilting, require hand stitching. Become familiar with the different types of hand-sewing needles in order to choose the right one for your next project. Instructions

* STEP 1: Make sure that your needle is small enough to penetrate the fabric without stretching it, and large enough for […]

How to Use a Serger

A serger is a wonderful tool. It can finish a single raw edge of fabric or sew, trim and finish a seam all at once. Use a serger to give your clothing a more professionally finished look. Instructions

* STEP 1: Read the owner’s manual that comes with your machine and familiarize yourself with its […]

Tips on keeping your embroidery clean

Clean hands

The most important factor is always to have clean hands. If the embroidery does not get dirty then you will not have to wash it. Washing embroideries can take the luster out of the stitches.

Tissue paper

When framing up the fabric in the beginning, also frame a piece of white acid free […]

How to transfer an embroidery design onto fabric

Prick and Pounce Method

The prick and pounce method of transferring embroidery designs is used for Applique, Brazilian, Free Embroidery, Goldwork, Needle Painting, Modern Jacobean, Traditional Jacobean and White Work. A desired design to be worked is placed beneath a piece of Velum tracing paper and all the lines of the design are traced onto […]

How to cut straight across a piece of fabric

If it’s important for your project that the fabric be cut exactly on the cross grain, try using one of these methods:

For loosely woven fabrics, pull a thread (use a pin to lift the thread) and remove it all the way across; cut along the void left by the pulled thread.

For tightly woven […]