How to Buy a Sewing Table

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Are you in need of a craft table or sewing cabinet? Please reference this easy to follow buyers’ guide to help you find just what you need when looking at purchasing a sewing machine cabinet.

How to Buy a Sewing Table
Any old table can be used as a sewing table, be it a big six-foot folding table or the trusty old kitchen table, but having a dedicated craft table can make sewing far more enjoyable. Aside from stealing some of your living space, having a sewing cabinet gives you a central place to work and store your supplies. So many different models exist to satisfy various needs; you simply need to anticipate just how much table you want.

So if you’re looking to buy a specially made sewing cabinet, here are some things you should consider:

* Height. For most adults, a table’s surface needs to be about 28 inches from the floor. Your individual requirements may be different so do a quick measurement.
Above all, a sewing table needs to be at a level that makes it comfortable to maneuver your sewing machine.
* Space. Obviously, your choices will be constrained by the amount of available space in your sewing area, but one often overlooked aspect is surface area.
You need to consider what you will have on the table. For instance, will your table have enough room for a pattern book, fabric or other supplies after your sewing machine is in place.
Some sewing cabinets have drop leaves and collapsible designs to give you an abundant working area and have small storage footprints when not in use.
* Storage. This is perhaps the most important feature to look for and can really define a sewing cabinet’s usefulness.
Most sewing tables have at least a few drawers but models can be found with multiple drawers, storage bins, bookshelves and even television racks.
* Mobility. Do you need to be able to move your sewing table? Many sewing tables are available with casters. However, check to see if the model you choose has locking casters than can support the weight of the table and everything that you plan to store on and in it.

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