Sewing Machine Parts

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Most sewing machines are well-built and will last for many years with only a few parts needing replacement. A great number of antique sewing machines are still in operation, but parts can be hard to find if the company is no longer in business. Typically, the manufacturer is the best location for sewing machine parts, but there are also many companies now specializing in replacement parts for sewing machines.

Sewing machines are made up of many mechanical and electrical parts, the most of which only need regular care while others will need frequent replacement. The parts that wear out more frequently are light bulbs, belts and the needles. These items are usually easily replaced and found at local retailers. Replacement parts can be sold as original manufacturer items or universal parts made to fit a variety of machines.

Some sewing machine parts such as the needle plates, bobbins and feet attachments may have to be purchased from a dealer or a sewing machine repair shop. In order to determine the correct part, the dealer will need to know the manufacturer of the sewing Machine, the specific model name or number and the part number.

In addition to replacement parts, it’s possible to purchase after-market sewing machine parts. Typically, a new sewing machine will come with basic accessories such as the pressure foot and a zipper foot. If a sewing job requires a ruffle or quilting attachment, the retailer or parts supplier would have those items as well. Sewing machine parts from a specific supplier may sometimes be limited to a specific brand.

Suppliers of a particular brand of sewing machine will typically offer parts for all models or types of machines made by that manufacturer. Dedicated suppliers or repair shops frequently offer to maintain the sewing machine with recommended tune-ups.

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