Decorating For Christmas Memories

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One of the most fun parts of Christmas, for adults and children alike, is decorating! Every family has their own decorating traditions. Some families wait until Christmas Eve to put up and decorate their Christmas tree, while other families can’t even wait until after Thanksgiving to drag out the lights, ornaments, nativity scenes, and boxes and boxes of those cherished Christmas decorations.

For as many years as you’ve been putting out your Christmas decorations, there is always room in your home for more. And there’s always a chance to learn new tricks when it comes to filling your home with the Christmas spirit.

This holiday season; don’t hesitate to bring the outside in at Christmas. Pinecones, firs, and greenery can be brought inside to give your home a little Christmas warmth. Your children and grandchildren can create unique holiday treats with a little help from you. Give each child some pinecones and let them decorate with paint, glue, glitter, and fake snow. The decorated pinecones can be left in your windowsills, in baskets throughout your home, or even roped around trees in your yard, as an easy outdoor Christmas decoration.

Another great way to rev up some holiday spirit with your kids is to teach them a variety of homemade, traditional Christmas decorations. Pop some popcorn and get some cranberries to string around your tree. Or, build the biggest and best gingerbread house you have ever seen with gum drops, icing and lollipops galore. Not into edible decorations? Drag out the sewing machine and have your children help design new Christmas-themed tablecloths and placemats for the big day.

If you have a big enough property, you can even step up your Christmas decorations a notch this year and become the house on the block for people to see. This could take a little extra work, and bit more charge on your electricity bill, but it could also be a once in a lifetime experience for your young children.

Decorating “Griswold” style may involve loading your house with lights of every shape and color, and putting out larger decorations, like a big plastic light up Santa Claus and a few reindeer. You could also try to go with a theme, such as the top Christmas movies of all time, and have figurines and different settings on your lawn representing scenes from the movies. Then sit back and watch as the neighborhood drives by to see your new creation.

If you are not into plastic Christmas figures and extra company, you could always go with the classic lit deer, or a simply lit tree in your front yard. Garland wrapped around the columns of your house also lends a stately touch.

So, it doesn’t matter if you are hanging stockings over the fireplace, unwrapping Christmas ornaments from years gone by, or setting out your favorite nutcracker, there is one important thing to remember this holiday season. Treasure each and every moment with your loved ones, and make each holiday decoration a new and cherished memory.

Thomas Easterday is the Director of Marketing for Letter By Santa. Create a new tradition with your children by ordering a memorable Santa letter this holiday season. For more information about Letter by Santa please visit

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