Decorating For Christmas Memories

One of the most fun parts of Christmas, for adults and children alike, is decorating! Every family has their own decorating traditions. Some families wait until Christmas Eve to put up and decorate their Christmas tree, while other families can’t even wait until after Thanksgiving to drag out the lights, ornaments, nativity scenes, and […]

Sewing As A Part Time Income

Many of us have contemplated sewing for a source of part-time income. I, myself sold children’s designs for a few years, along with doing repairs and alterations. I found it very satisfying, but hardly a dependable source of income.

Part of the reason for this I think, was the ever present threat of someone else […]

How To Choose a Sewing Machine

You have finally come to the conclusion that you need or want a sewing machine. Now, what is on the market and how do you make the right decision?

There are many brands of machines out there and everyone boasts different features. Some machines appeal to quilters, others want you to embroider everything including the […]